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Five Little-Known Photos Sites You Shouldn't Miss

As a web designer, you need to use images whenever you build a new site. And lots of them! There are lots of paid image sites out there, of course - Depositphotos, for example.

But sometimes your client won't have a big budget, and you will need to use free images. The only problem is that most of the free sites have either poor quality images or a small number of pictures. And if they're really good, everyone is using them, so you'll have to reuse the same pictures that pop up everywhere on the Internet.

So how can you get access to high quality pictures that are 100% free, and yet aren't frequently used? Here are my best picks.

1. FreeFoto
FreeFoto.com brands itself as the largest collection of free photographs on the Internet. I'm not so sure about that, but these guys have got over 130,000 images, neatly organized in 3600+ categories. The good news is that new images are being added...

How to Live the Laptop Lifestyle as a Web Designer

There is something extraordinary about living the laptop lifestyle! First of all, you get to choose your schedule. Then, you can take your entire business with you in a small bag, and then spend many hours on a beautiful beach.

Of course, you need to be a skilled web designer. There are many web design courses that you can take for free.

OK, so you already know web design or you have learnt it. What else do you need? Two more things: a laptop and some software. You'd better choose a good laptop, because you are going to spend quite a bit of time working at it.

If you plan to travel a lot, you will need to connect to various WiFi hotspots. This means that your laptop needs to have a good WiFi card. Sometimes you will want to use a portable router, because the hotel you're staying in may only offer wired Internet access. Or you can invest in a signal range extender and use a cable to couple it with an external antenna that can easily pick even a weak WiFi signal. By doing this...

Top 5 Photoshop Website Templates for Small Business

Looking for high quality, highly customizable Photoshop website templates that have been built for various purposes and have many colors and styles? If the answer is affirmative, you have arrived at the right place! Here are several top-quality templates that you can use for your business.

1. Pasco

Pasco is a multipurpose template that look great both on regular computers and on mobile devices. It includes pages for your blog, portfolio, shop, and more.

2. Snow

This may look like a PSD + HTML template for winter sports lovers, but it's actually a portfolio template that can be used for pretty much any purpose. It includes a home page, portfolio pages and blog pages.
If you are a WordPress fan, you can probably save a lot of time by simply purchasing the WordPress-ready version of the project...
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